Experience has shown that the Filtration Enhancer technology effectively improves quality and efficiencies, any company or fluid mediation facility utilizing filtration can appreciate. We also realize and understand that while this is true, those new to the Filtration Enhancer may not be familiar with the systems performance and capabilities. Below are some common examples as to what can be expected from the use of this one of a kind technology.

  • Easy Installation

    Eco1st Filtration Enhancers are generally utilized as a pretreatment to improve the effectiveness of filters and increase recovery. All our systems are built application specific to separate various water and fluid qualities. After understanding your goals, fluid description and the sites details. The Filtration Enhancer, similar to a pipe spool, will easily install to most sites, requiring little down time or site modifications. Additionally, the Filtration Enhancer is designed to be powered by the energy of the flowing fluid. Therefore, no outside power source or routine maintenance is required.

  • Immediate Results

    Once installed and production resumes, the Filtration Enhancer will immediately begin ionizing the water and any solids throughout the pipeline in continuity with the Enhancer. Sites vary, but operators generally notice some or all of the following benefits rather quickly, a reduction in pump pressure, increased filter efficiencies, extended filter life, increased production, energy savings, non-detect bacteria counts, improved water quality and a diminished waste stream. These results are all achieved with less processes, equipment, chemicals and labor when compared to conventional treatment commonly utilized today.

  • Cleaning Phase

    All sites that have been in use for an extended period of time will likely have scale and biofilm build up throughout the pipeline. As we mentioned earlier the Filtration Enhancer will ionize all fluid and solids in continuity with the Enhancer. This will also cause an expected one-time cleaning phase to occur as the scale and biofilms begin breaking down and sloughing off throughout the pipeline. Operators will generally observe a build up of dead biofilm and scale on the filters membranes. Depending on each sites cleanliness, this process could take weeks or possible months before the entire pipeline becomes thoroughly clean. Once this phase is complete, issues related to scale, bacteria and biofilms will no longer exist.

  • Long Lasting Solution

    The Filtration Enhancer is built out of high quality materials to last and provide consistent results. You can expect to dramatically improve your sites efficiencies, while increasing the quality and volume of your produced water or fluid. These benefits are all achieved without the need for unnecessary – equipment, processes, chemical applications, routine maintenance or operator adjustment. If you are interested in improving your ability to become more productive and profitable, Contact us  today for a free consultation.